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Meet the Editor

1382200_10151854367238119_688552758_nMy name is Keith Lee, currently a student of Information Technology at Rutgers University at New Brunswick, NJ. I have an undying love for food, and I have a deep appreciation for all of the things that make a dining experience truly great. As a chef  and Assistant Store Manager for a restaurant since 2008, I have a background in the workings of restaurants. Fine dining has always been a subject of appeal to me; this approach to food is definitely one that requires artistic skill. My favorite dishes are generally Italian, but I am open to food from any ethnic background!

My interests other than food pertain mainly to technology and dancing. I have been an avid gamer since I was about 5 years old, and have been around technology for a large portion of my life. I started dancing as a bboy (breakdancer) at the age of 15. After 5.5 years, it has become my passion, and is definitely here to stay.


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