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Mini-Post: Draught 55 in NYC

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Before I went to 21 Club, I stopped by Draught 55 earlier with my friend. We decided upon this bar using this as our guide. Honestly, my first impressions of the bar were not that positive. It seemed very off to the side, and wasn’t on the more populated areas. Let me tell you though, that this should not deter you from checking out the joint. My experience here has been nothing but positive, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

I was greeted by quite a large man at the door, like you would at most bars. My first contact with the staff here could not be much better. After checking my ID, he was very elated to see that my birthday had just passed, and congratulated me in very high spirits. This definitely made me think pretty well of the staff, and it was just the first person there. The atmosphere is nice; dim lighting with tables, but also plenty of seating at the bar. The bartenders are also extremely friendly. They do their utmost to make your experience enjoyable. If you are wondering about how their selection tastes, they are able and willing to give you a sample of them. Or at least the ones they have on tap. Two bartenders were working the night that I went, and they were extremely knowledgeable about their drinks. Easily able to make recommendations off of beers that you enjoy, they also pay attention to you when you order (big ups!). I had three beers that night: the Speakeasy Witness, the Hitachino Nest, and the 21st Amendment Almond Milk. I will not go into details about their taste, but I personally really enjoyed the 21st Amendment Almond Milk. If you’re ever in the area and looking for a place to drink, make this one of your considerations!


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